Sept. 15, 2008: Danish Fur Breeders Research Center posters.

A total of 23 mink research posters, in English, have been made available for downloading from the Papers section, where they are listed by author. For a limited time, all the posters are also available as one file by clicking here.

Prevention: A young person's guide to keeping animals safe and healthy
This booklet provides a short youth-oriented course concerning those basic medical principles essential to keeping animals safe and healthy - farm isolation, traffic control, hygiene, and sanitation. Readers are shown how common or unusual diseases are reduced when animals are protected from direct or indirect contact with other animals (wild or domesticated), people, and equipment from other locations. Further, they are informed about the many reasons why an animalŐs environment and surroundings need to be hygienic and sanitary. By Edward Mallinson, VMD, University of Maryland, Jeffrey Workman, MS, Ohio State University, and William Epperson, DVM, MS, Ohio State University, 2006.
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